#FollowFriday: @LaineysPawtique

Real Name: Lainey Breed(s):   Puggle Approx Age:  3 years old Location: Chicago, Illinois Hobbies:  SNIFFEN, Napping, Sunning, Loving my mommy!  COOKIE TASTING!!!!! Favorite Foods:  ANYTHING you give me or I can STEAL!!!!  Specially Chicken & Bacon :0) Bio:   Well Mommy was visiting grandpa and little did she know I was waiting for her ….anyways she […]

#FollowFriday: @BrunoTheDog

Real Name: Bruno Breed(s): Black Lab/Weimaraner Approx Age: 1.5 years Location: Minneapolis, MN Hobbies: Looking out the window, running full speed at the dog park, playing in the snow, being with my mom, eating good food, chewing on my bones, sighing LOUDLY. Favorite Foods: ANY food, but I’m only allowed to eat Iams Low Residue […]