Raising Awareness-Puppy Mills (Puppy Farms)

We’ve long been advocates for ending the suffering of dogs in puppy mills. We started our first website over a decade ago in an effort to raise awareness of these disgusting breeding farms and offer tips on how to avoid supporting them. We’re excited to participate in this week’s #woofwednesday campaign to raise awareness of […]

Bo, the New White House Dog

Everyone’s blogging about the new White House dog, Bo (aka Bo Obama, Bobama, Amigo’s New Hope) so we decided that since we’re blogging dogs, we probably should too. We’re excited for Shasha & Malia – we think every kid should have a dog, so congrats! Bo is a cutie. According to the AKC, Portuguese Water Dogs are an […]

Pawtying for Rescue

PETS ACROSS THE GLOBE TO “PAWTY” ONLINE TO RAISE MONEY FOR RESCUES Animals using Twitter to connect, build community and help other animals in need (Canton, OH) – April 3, 2009 – On Sunday, April 5, 2009 hundreds of pets will be leveraging Twitter, the hottest technology, to virtually celebrate a friend’s birthday, whoop it […]

Stranger Danger Alert

I attempted to alert my people when a stranger showed up in the yard today. He let himself in through the gates like he owned the place. He was carrying this big noisy machine and started attacking my bushes with it. He hacked them to pieces. Literally. There were leaves and sticks everywhere. I’m not sure why […]