#FollowFriday: @LaineysPawtique

Real Name: Lainey Breed(s):   Puggle Approx Age:  3 years old Location: Chicago, Illinois Hobbies:  SNIFFEN, Napping, Sunning, Loving my mommy!  COOKIE TASTING!!!!! Favorite Foods:  ANYTHING you give me or I can STEAL!!!!  Specially Chicken … [Continue reading]

#FollowFriday: @BrunoTheDog

Real Name: Bruno Breed(s): Black Lab/Weimaraner Approx Age: 1.5 years Location: Minneapolis, MN Hobbies: Looking out the window, running full speed at the dog park, playing in the snow, being with my mom, eating good food, chewing on my bones, … [Continue reading]

#FollowFriday: @LilyPup

Real Name: Lily Twitter: @LilyPup Breed(s): Lord knows, I is just a cute Mutt. My fur mom has long black fur and short legs, and they say my dad is a Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen, they also has short legs. My siblings all has long black fur, some … [Continue reading]

My Collection of Heads, Part 2: Damaged but Still Mostly Intact

These little fur balls are on their way to becoming a part of my collection of heads. It's tough to find heads without bodies in the stores, so I have to make my own. Sometimes this process takes years and other times merely minutes. Let's take a … [Continue reading]

My Collection of Heads

Many of you may not know I'm a bit of a collector. In addition to collecting sticks, leaves and bones, I keep a nice collection of heads and miscellaneous body parts. I am quite proud of my collection, as plenty of hard work and play was involved in … [Continue reading]

Mowgli’s 9th Birthday

Today is my birthday! I'm 9 which is pretty old for a great dane. We celebrated by playing in the pool, eating lots of carrots and of course, birthday cake! My cake had scooby-doo sprinkles all over it.  At first I wasn't sure it really was OK to … [Continue reading]

Another Great #PawPawty

@SylvieDog organized a great #pawpawty at #pussycatisland. Pets arrived in beach atire and partied for a full 24 hours. Participants had a great time and over $1000 was raised for Orphans of the Storm rescue. Way to go @SylvieDog! I jumping in for a … [Continue reading]

#FollowFriday: @FergusTheDog

Real Name: Fergus Breed(s): Not really sure. Mum says part shepherd, mostly mutt.  Everyone has an opinion on what's in me, - husky, chow, Leonberger (my friends at Dog Den came up with that because I look like a small, short haired version).  I'm a … [Continue reading]

Bo, the New White House Dog

Everyone's blogging about the new White House dog, Bo (aka Bo Obama, Bobama, Amigo's New Hope) so we decided that since we're blogging dogs, we probably should too. We're excited for Shasha & Malia - we think every kid should have a dog, so … [Continue reading]

#FollowFriday: @LouPeb

Name: Lou & Pebbles Twitter: @LouPeb Breed(s) Lou: I'm probably German shepherd/Lab/Chow/Rhodesian Ridgeback/? Pebbles: Pekingese/Unknown Dad says we're heinz57. Approx Age Lou: I turned 7 this year. Pebbles: Between 10 and … [Continue reading]