#FollowFriday: @LilyPup

Real Name: Lily Twitter: @LilyPup Breed(s): Lord knows, I is just a cute Mutt. My fur mom has long black fur and short legs, and they say my dad is a Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen, they also has short legs. My siblings all has long black fur, some has a little brown. So why do […]

#FollowFriday: @FergusTheDog

Real Name: Fergus Breed(s): Not really sure. Mum says part shepherd, mostly mutt.  Everyone has an opinion on what’s in me, – husky, chow, Leonberger (my friends at Dog Den came up with that because I look like a small, short haired version).  I’m a great conversation piece. Approx Age: 20-22 months Location: Madison, WI […]

#FollowFriday: @LouPeb

Name: Lou & Pebbles Twitter: @LouPeb Breed(s) Lou: I’m probably German shepherd/Lab/Chow/Rhodesian Ridgeback/? Pebbles: Pekingese/Unknown Dad says we’re heinz57. Approx Age Lou: I turned 7 this year. Pebbles: Between 10 and 13 Location Surprise, AZ Hobbies Lou: Chasing lizards, Chasing rabbits, Napping, Watching birds, Barking at people, Driving mom’s car (I got driver’s license!) Pebbles: […]

#FollowFriday: @SylvieDog

Name: Sylvie Breed: Treeing Walker Coonhound Approx. Age: 11 years Location: Morton Grove, IL (outside of Chicago) Hobbies: Napping, tweeting, kicking @MugsyDog‘s butt, treeing raccoons (in my dreams), mixing cocktails, protecting my home from mailmen & deer & off-leash dogs, eating cookies Favorite Foods: Cookies!!! Bio: Sylvie was adopted from Orphans of the Storm in […]

#FollowFriday: @mozartdane

Name: Mozart Breed: Great Dane Approx. Age: 4 1/2 Location: Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, Bethel, Ohio (outside of Cincinnati) Hobbies: Having attention lavished on me by adoring fans. I am a famous artist. I paint with my paws. Favorite Foods: Cheese cubes and cheeseburgers. Goals: To raise funds for the Rescue and raise awareness […]