About Us

DogsWhoTwitter.com is brought to you by @MisterPeabody and @the_dogs. We beam our thoughts to the humans via mental telepathy and they type stuff out for us. In addition to blogging about the happenings in our lives, we post profiles of dogs we recommend for #FollowFriday along with information on animal rescue organizations that are on twitter. You can also check out our list of dogs who twitter. Here’s some information about us:


Breed: German Shepherd, Husky, Basenji Mix
Age: 13 years
Location: Arizona
Hobbies: Sleeping, Hiding Toys, Going for Walks, Obedience Training, Hiking.
Favorite Foods: Any Type of Meat, Oatmeal, Cookies
Goals: Teach Peabody some manners, Figure out how to eat while laying down, Raise awareness of the connection between irresponsible breeding and animal overpopulation.
Likes: Sitting on Laps, Having that Spot above the Tail Scratched, Toys, Going Places.
Dislikes: Vegetables, Getting Drooled on by Peabody.
Biggest Fear: Swimming where my paws can’t reach the bottom.
Website: www.mydog8it.com/harley.htm
Twitter: @the_dogs


Breed: Great Dane
Age: 9 years
Location: Arizona
Hobbies: Romping, Playing Tug, Sleeping, Digging Holes, Obedience Training.
Favorite Foods: Carrots, Yogurt, Bread, Salami
Goals: To be the best at doing whatever we are asked to do, get rid of my valley fever, Raise awareness of puppy mills.
Likes: Being Sneaky, Licking Elbows, Giving High-Fives, Hugs & Kisses, Snuggling, Walks.
Dislikes: Fetching, Swimming, Strangers.
Biggest Fear: Being Left Home Alone.
Website: www.mydog8it.com/mowgli.htm
Twitter: @the_dogs


Breed: Mastiff
Age: 2 years
Location: Arizona
Hobbies: Romping, Playing, Swimming Underwater, Fetching, Pouncing, Obedience Training, Going to Dog Shows.
Favorite Foods: Carrots, Green Beans, Peas, Bones, Yogurt
Goals: Learn how to open the frig, Be the center of attention at all times, Raise awareness of responsible breeding practices, Promote responsible dog ownership.
Likes: Toys, Belly Rubs, Sticks, Climbing Like a Cat, Toys, Playing with Water, Balls, Toys, Walks.
Dislikes: Tents, Scary Noises, Trees Blowing in the Wind, Sharing.
Biggest Fear: Shadows, Trash Cans.
Website: www.mydog8it.com/peabody.htm
Twitter: @MisterPeabody
Facebook: The people said enough is enough. We do not need a facebook page. We already have a website, blog and twitter accounts and they don’t want the other humans to think they’re nutty. (shhh…don’t tell them you already think so!)
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