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Real Names: Raven, Rio and Thor
We live with a whole house full of anipals! There is Ash the cockatiel, Scrabble the parakeet, 22 box turtles, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, 2 veiled chameleons, 3 corn snakes, mali uromastyx, chickens, ducks, geese, a turkey and fishies!

Here’s a little more about us:


Breed(s) - Rottie/Hound Dog Mix (you should hear me howl!)

Approx Age - 7 1/2

Location - Arizona

Hobbies - Eating, going for walks, keeping an eye on my neighbors and neighborhood gossip - every night I go out and tell everyone what happened that day, keeping my brothers in line because I am the Queen of the house (not mom like she thinks she is)

Favorite Foods - I have never refused any sort of food (even ants) but I prefer steak, pizza crusts and spaghetti and my favorite after dinner snack - carrots!

Bio - I was adopted from the Apache Junction Kill Shelter at 3 months old. Mom was looking at online pet rescues/shelters for a friend who wanted a dog. They had 4 doggies and had no plans on adopting. Out of all the sites, I caught her eye and as she read on the site that they only had 18 cages and each dog started at 18 and moved up to 1 and once there was no room, well, that poor dog at number one would not get to live to see another day. She told Daddy about me and they assumed I would find a home because I was so young.As she checked back over the next two weeks I kept moving up and one Friday I was Number 1 (brings a whole new meaning to that phrase, doesn’t it?). Mom was sad and still worked outside the home at that time and when daddy called her at 3:50pm she told him that I was number 1 and would not make it through the weekend. Without hesitation he said “call them and tell them we are coming for her!” Mom hung up and dialed as quick as she could and the man on the other end said they closed at 4pm.She said that they really wanted me but were almost an hour away and he said that he had secretly been pushing me back in line because I was so sweet and that he would stay til 5pm. Mom called dad and they raced to get me and arrived within minutes to spare. The Animal Control Officer said that I would not have made it through the weekend and that the person working on Sat would have put me to sleep.Mom walked in the room where I was and immediately began crying as she knew who was number 2, 3 and so on. There I laid in the back of my cage, eyes filled with tears when I looked up and saw her eyes filled with tears. I knew my forever home was here. When I walked in the door to my new home, I immediately set my goal to be the Queen - The Senior Doggie of the house. Now, at the age of 7 1/2 I am the Queen and have 2 loyal subjects I call Thor and Rio.

Likes - Being the boss, going to pawpawties and dressing up, and my hunky love Lou

Dislikes - When daddy tells me I am not the boss, he is

Biggest Fear - Not being able to walk in my pawpawty heels

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Breed(s) - Lab/Shepherd Mix

Approx Age - 4

Location - Arizona

Hobbies - Being mama’s shadow and cuddling with mama, Pretending I’m a coyote! I have their howl down and they can’t even tell I’m not one of them.

Favorite Foods - Steak, pizza crusts and bully sticks

Bio - I was adopted from the Bisbee Animal Rescue who has a booth at a Farmers Market. One Saturday morning I was sitting at the Farmers Market when mom and dad were on their way to shop in Sierra Vista.Since the Farmers Market just opened they stopped in to get some fresh veggies.As mom came around a corner, there I sat in all my glory and she yelled to dad - Look he’s a combo of Raven, Blaze and Storm. They came over and asked about me and found out I had been in a foster home for 3 weeks and was found on the Mexico border.Yes, I am a border crosser! They had to go to Sierra Vista and since they were not looking for a dog because Storm had just passed away 6 weeks earlier, they said goodbye. The whole time they talked about me and found themselves conveniently driving back past the Farmers Market 15 min before close.Dad told mom that if he’s there, it was meant to be.Mom rushed over to the site and I wasn’t there! She asked the lady at the rescue where I was and she said I had been adopted (mom’s heart sank) but then said, wait - that was the pitbull, the guy you’re looking for is hiding under that stage. I knew it! I knew they were coming back and I was trying to stay away so someone else wouldn’t adopt me. They took me for a walk to see how I was and I wouldn’t look at them.Talk about playing hard to get, I almost played the part too well! Mom and dad still knew I was the perfect fit and adopted me.When I got home, I still was a little mad they didn’t adopt me before shopping so I sat by the gate and still wouldn’t look at them.Over the next 2 weeks I watched my sisters get love and treats and they seemed really happy so I gave in hook, line and sinker and now I can’t live without my mom!

Likes - Cuddling with mom and playing with Rio

Dislikes - Red lights and any sort of vehicle that drives by. I’m thinking this is because I was a border crosser :)

Biggest Fear - Going back to Mexico

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Breed(s) - Shepherd/Chow mix

Approx Age 4 (possibly 3 1/2)

Location - Arizona

Hobbies - Doing anything daddy does, chewing and ripping apart bones and toys, going for walks, chasing wabbits

Favorite Foods - Whatever is on the menu that night

Bio and/or Goals - I was adopted at the Douglas Animal Shelter. The shelter was attached to a vet and an animal crematorium. Mom was at the crematorium bringing in Whiskers who had passed away. As she was walking out the door, she heard this crazy barking whinning and asked the lady if she could walk through the shelter. There I was - Number 1 (not like Raven’s Puppy Number 1 - a whole new meaning again) wagging my tail, sticking my nose out of the cage and looking oh so cute and cuddly. I was a fluff ball of red hair. As mom walked down the row of dogs I kept screaming at her and she would look back and wave. She came back and said to me that I was a real cute guy and I’d find a home. I was thinking “Hey - did you look at my chart, I’ve been here a month waiting for you!” She walked out the door and I thought I’d never see her again.When she got in the truck, daddy asked where she had been and she said oh, there is this sweet guy - Puppy Number 1 who is adorable and needs a home. Of course, Daddy jumped out of the truck to come and see me.Our eyes met and I knew there was no way this guy would let me go! They took me out into the waiting area where, I peed like a firehose. I had such a bad life before that I was submissive and couldn’t stop peeing. Mom had to get a mop and bucket for the swamp I created and daddy just sat on the floor with me and my pee.Well they found out that I couldn’t be released til I was neutered.Ok, normally that would take a day but the vet at the shelter took his sweet time and it took 7 days! I had to sit there 7 days waiting for my new home.Mom and dad came every day to visit me and every day I created a swamp for them. They were told I was a year old and at that time I weighed 50lbs.Well fast forward to now, I weigh 120 lbs and no longer create swamps. It is estimated that I actually was about 5 months old and not a year old!

Likes - Watching wabbits,chasing wabbits,staring at wabbits,barking at wabbits, following dad around and beating up my brother Thor and of course my girl Lainey

Dislikes - Wabbits - they won’t come in the yard to play with me

Biggest Fear - going back to the shelter

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We wish that there would be no doggies or kitties in shelters and everyone could be loved like us and so many of our furiends. We promote the message to never give up because when you’d least expect love, it will find you.

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3 Responses to “#FollowFriday: @Health4UandPets”

  1. Raven, Thor and Rio on November 13th, 2009 11:58 am

    12 Paws Up on this article - BOL!! Thank you so much Mister Peabody for featuring and recommending us - we love you! xoxoxox Raven, Thor and Rio

  2. lainey on November 14th, 2009 1:16 am

    AWWWWW My Rio …you MENTIONED me…..so does this mean we are going steady now?? I love the swamps you made you could have been helpful filling our pond :O) XOXO

    My In laws are a GREAT family to follow and their momma is REALLY FUNNY!!

  3. LouPeb on November 16th, 2009 7:56 pm

    Mama cried and laughed and cried a lttle more. So glad you guys found this great home of yours. I love your mom and dad for adopting all of you. Raven’s puppy number 1 the whole new meaning… is so sad…*sniffles*

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