Carving Our Pumpkins

We got these things called “pumpkins” today. At first, I wasn’t sure what this thing was. Mowgli and Harley didn’t really seem too interested in it, but I sure was.

I gave it a good lick and it kind of tasted like food:

Then I found out it rolls like a ball:

I realized I could pick this thing up:

So I decided to head for the door and bring it inside:

I really wanted to show it to my stuffed animal friend, but she didn’t seem too interested:

I don’t think my person liked having the pumpkin in the house because she picked it up and brought it back outside where I proceeded to start carving it:

I used my teeth and my claws to carve mine:

Mowgli just poked at his:

Harley got a cute little one:

S M I L E !

More carving, and some eating:

Finally finished. I could have eaten…I mean…carved a little more, but my person said I had enough:

Mowgli’s looks pretty much the same as when he started:

So does Harley’s:

We had a great time with our pumpkins. We hope you do, too! Happy Halloween ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. ShawneeShep says:

    Dawgs can carry punkins around in their moufs and carve them? That is way kewl. I think you guys did a grate job wif yours.

  2. BOL BOL Great job! Love the ‘smile!’ pic! BOL
    I’d probably go for Harley’s. heheh

  3. Very cool! I knew I’d been doing it the hard way! I like your method much better!!

  4. Raven, Thor and Rio says:

    Oh we so wish we were there too!! We love eating pumpkins. Rio loves them raw while Raven and Thor prefer them grilled. The picture labeled “Smile!” is our favorite!