Tennis Balls

We got a fresh new pack of tennis balls today. The container makes a popping sound when it opens, and it is SO MUCH FUN to play with.

This is the tube my tennis balls come in:

It’s hard work getting them out of there.
(She took out Mowgli & Harley’s, but I have to get my own):

Here I am with practically the whole tube in my mouth:

I finally got the lid off and nearly got my tongue stuck in there:

My person thinks this is the BEST picture she's ever taken

I SEE you in there, ball!


Look, Mowgli! LOOK!

Then I squished it.

Here’s what all of my tennis balls look like after I play with them:


  1. BOL! I agree with your person. best pic! but I like all of them! Look at Mowgli’s face! BOL!
    look like you need unlimited supply of tennis balls huh? heheh