#FollowFriday: @RadarDog

Real Name: Radar

Breed(s): Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier mix

Approx Age: 4

Location: Jackson, MS

Hobbies: Protecting the house from mailmen, annoying the cats Domino & Buffy, learning new tricks.

Favorite Foods: Bacon & green beans, bits of hot dog and cheese… ut I’m not picky.

Bio: I was found wandering the Downtown Y by the river, and was down on my luck, skin and bones, only 6 lbs even though I should have been at least 12lbs. I was taken by Animal Control, and after 2 weeks adopted by a foster family through Jackson Friends. My Mom saw my photo on Petfinder.com.

Goals: Sneaking people food, good personal hygiene, keeping the cats out of my doggie bed

Likes: Hanging out in my “spot” on the coffeehouse patio, car rides, burrowing under blankets, Twittering with my friends when I can get to the keyboard. Wearing my handknit sweaters my mom makes!

Dislikes: Hates motorcycles and thunder. Like some veggies, but not tomatoes.

Biggest Fear: I’m terrified of clickers. I can’t tell Mom why, but she can’t use them for training because of it.

A very skinny Radar, just after being rescued.

A very skinny Radar, just after being rescued.

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Radar Now!

Radar Now!

Follow Radar on  twitter at @RadarDog.
Radar’s blog: mydogradar.com Radar’s videos: www.youtube.com/netgrrl


  1. Victoria says:

    Oh there’s going to be no dealing with him now. He’s already throwing it up that he has more followers than I do! (“No, Radar, we will not alert the media.”)


  2. LOL. I know the feeling, Victoria.

    Radar – you’re adorable!