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Real Name: Annie

Breed: Bloodhound

Approx Age: 1 year 3 months

Location: South Central Illinois

Hobbies: Chew the guts outta my stuffed toys & ripping cardboard into little pieces.

Favorite Foods: Hot Dogs I HotDogaholic

Bio: I was 7 months old when my new owners came & got me one snowy night. I was tied by a short chain to my dog house & it was so cold outside. De loaded me up in a car in dads lap & we drove for miles & miles before we got to der house. De took me in de house & put me in a big kennel. I now a house dog & I so happy I warm when it cold & cool when it hot!

Goals: My goals is to become a very good dog for Mom & Dad. Also to become an excellent tracker like my sis Sauci.

Likes: Likes to go to kitchen wit Mom & watch her cook.

Dislikes: I don’t like stayin in the outdoor kennel.

Biggest Fear: Dat mom will leave.


Real Name: Sauci

Breed: Dachshund

Approx Age: 6 years old

Location: South Central Illinois

Hobbies: Fishing & hunting

Favorite Foods: Burger King Hamburgys

Goals: My goal is to be Alpha dog & remain Alpha dog

Likes: Tracking

Dislikes: Annie the bloodhound

Biggest Fear: the dark


Real Name: Bucky

Breed: Dachshund

Approx Age: 3 years old

Location: South Central Illinois

Hobbies: Running through the woods

Favorite Foods: Burger King Hamburgys

Bio: I was nearly a year old when my previous owners dumped me at a small town lake in de middle of December. By de time sumbudy caught me I wuz skin N bones, dirty & cold (de say I looked like a little skeleton). Me lived in de woods by dis little lake for several weeks by myself. Then these nice people took me to my new home & I in heaven now! My mom loves my kisses & hugs she a Goddess to me. I can’t seem to press my face to hers close enough. My favorite time of day is when I can curl up in bed wit mom & dad. Me kisses em & kisses em & give them soulful looks of love!

Goals: My goals are to be sneaky & steal kibble from Annie

Likes: Sleepin in bed in moms arms

Dislikes: Annie the bloodhound buggin me when I am curled up in de covers.

Biggest Fear: me tuff I have none – well maybe getting a shower

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  1. OMD Annie I didn’t know you were a chained dog before you met your mom…you poor thing…*nosekiss* so glad they got you!
    your brother & sister are funny! although mama almost cried reading what Bucky went through…
    I love hotdogs and Whoppers too!

  2. I love Annie. She and jimnikricket and Ozzydox and MisterSnoop are my best pals on Twitter!! They make me laff and cry mostly laff tho!! They are the first friends I had on Twitter! They r my extended family! I am so sorry they had sad stories but now they have happy ones!!! Big licks my pals!!