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Real Name: Annie

Breed: Bloodhound

Approx Age: 1 year 3 months

Location: South Central Illinois

Hobbies: Chew the guts outta my stuffed toys & ripping cardboard into little pieces.

Favorite Foods: Hot Dogs I HotDogaholic

Bio: I was 7 months old when my new owners came & got me one snowy night. I was tied by a short chain to my dog house & it was so cold outside. De loaded me up in a car in dads lap & we drove for miles & miles before we got to der house. De took me in de house & put me in a big kennel. I now a house dog & I so happy I warm when it cold & cool when it hot!

Goals: My goals is to become a very good dog for Mom & Dad. Also to become an excellent tracker like my sis Sauci.

Likes: Likes to go to kitchen wit Mom & watch her cook.

Dislikes: I don’t like stayin in the outdoor kennel.

Biggest Fear: Dat mom will leave.


Real Name: Sauci

Breed: Dachshund

Approx Age: 6 years old

Location: South Central Illinois

Hobbies: Fishing & hunting

Favorite Foods: Burger King Hamburgys

Goals: My goal is to be Alpha dog & remain Alpha dog

Likes: Tracking

Dislikes: Annie the bloodhound

Biggest Fear: the dark


Real Name: Bucky

Breed: Dachshund

Approx Age: 3 years old

Location: South Central Illinois

Hobbies: Running through the woods

Favorite Foods: Burger King Hamburgys

Bio: I was nearly a year old when my previous owners dumped me at a small town lake in de middle of December. By de time sumbudy caught me I wuz skin N bones, dirty & cold (de say I looked like a little skeleton). Me lived in de woods by dis little lake for several weeks by myself. Then these nice people took me to my new home & I in heaven now! My mom loves my kisses & hugs she a Goddess to me. I can’t seem to press my face to hers close enough. My favorite time of day is when I can curl up in bed wit mom & dad. Me kisses em & kisses em & give them soulful looks of love!

Goals: My goals are to be sneaky & steal kibble from Annie

Likes: Sleepin in bed in moms arms

Dislikes: Annie the bloodhound buggin me when I am curled up in de covers.

Biggest Fear: me tuff I have none – well maybe getting a shower

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#FollowFriday: @RadarDog

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Real Name: Radar

Breed(s): Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier mix

Approx Age: 4

Location: Jackson, MS

Hobbies: Protecting the house from mailmen, annoying the cats Domino & Buffy, learning new tricks.

Favorite Foods: Bacon & green beans, bits of hot dog and cheese… ut I’m not picky.

Bio: I was found wandering the Downtown Y by the river, and was down on my luck, skin and bones, only 6 lbs even though I should have been at least 12lbs. I was taken by Animal Control, and after 2 weeks adopted by a foster family through Jackson Friends. My Mom saw my photo on Petfinder.com.

Goals: Sneaking people food, good personal hygiene, keeping the cats out of my doggie bed

Likes: Hanging out in my “spot” on the coffeehouse patio, car rides, burrowing under blankets, Twittering with my friends when I can get to the keyboard. Wearing my handknit sweaters my mom makes!

Dislikes: Hates motorcycles and thunder. Like some veggies, but not tomatoes.

Biggest Fear: I’m terrified of clickers. I can’t tell Mom why, but she can’t use them for training because of it.

A very skinny Radar, just after being rescued.

A very skinny Radar, just after being rescued.

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Radar Now!

Radar Now!

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Radar’s blog: mydogradar.com Radar’s videos: www.youtube.com/netgrrl

Raising Awareness-Puppy Mills (Puppy Farms)

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We’ve long been advocates for ending the suffering of dogs in puppy mills. We started our first website over a decade ago in an effort to raise awareness of these disgusting breeding farms and offer tips on how to avoid supporting them. We’re excited to participate in this week’s #woofwednesday campaign to raise awareness of puppy mills on twitter along with @molliewestie, @wellbalancedpup, @willmydoghateme, @dobie_evgeni, and others.

About Puppy Mills
(From The Humane Society of the United States)

Most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills — factory-like facilities, churning out purebred puppies in large numbers. Puppy mills look to make a profit; commonly disregard the dog’s physical and emotional health; and do not adhere to sound breeding practices. The result is often sick or dying puppies who suffer from genetic, mental and physical health problems that are not always immediately apparent to the consumer. Thousands of “breeder” dogs live a miserable existence in horrific conditions without hope of ever being part of a family.

Most pet stores are adamant that they do not support puppy mills and that the dogs they sell are strictly from “reputable breeders.” However, many people who purchase their puppy from a pet store can end up with a sick or dying animal. With some research, they will learn their puppy was indeed from a puppy mill. For those who were lucky enough to purchase a healthy dog, it is important to keep in mind that purchasing that dog makes room for more puppy mill dogs raised in horrendous conditions. Every puppy mill dog purchased ensures that the industry continues to thrive.
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