#FollowFriday: @SophieTheCocker

Real Name: Sophie

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Approx Age: 6 yrs old

Location: Los Angeles

Hobbies: “Woofing” (some people call it barking); Dismembering My Stuffed Toys; Running Like the Wind; Savoring Every Scent that Passes my Nostrils; Tweeting

Favorite Foods: What do you got?

Bio: I was rescued from the Pasadena Humane Society after my family family surrendered me.  “Rescue Dogs Rock.” I love my forever home and I am spoiled rotten.  My goal is to chase every cat who dares to step paw in my yard.

Likes: Riding on mommy’s lap in the front seat of the car; laying on the bed with mommy and daddy; having my belly scratched.

Dislikes: The Postman; Medicine put in my ears and eyes.

Biggest Fear: An empty dish.

Recommends you follow: @SirBarley @Hakumichi_Dogs @AmiSpaniel @Barkeologist @Hanadogcute @Cocker_Spaniels @LouPeb @SuzySheltie @MiloLabradoodle @mam1cutie

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  1. Yay for Sophie!!! Love your pics. You’re so beautiful!
    Thanks for mentioning me. I’m so honored. :o) *nosekiss*

  2. The House Dog says:

    Sophie is so adorable and it super excited to be featured here! She let us all know on twitter!! Good looking pup ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hakumichi_dogs (Hiro) says:

    Hi Sophie. Ur so cute in the photos. Your the best furiend any dog can have. Ur the best, Thanks for mentioning me and my mummy, Meko. *Nose tap* and nuzzle. Woof woof