#FollowFriday Cat Edition: @IamTilley

You may have noticed that this week’s #followfriday recommendation is not a dog who twitters. Some of our favorite twitter pals just happen to be…I can’t believe I’m saying it…CATS!

Real Name: Tilley. AKA:  buddy, pretty girl, peanut head, softest cat in the world, Tilley Billy, honey

Breed: Maine Coon Persian cross.

Approx Age: 8

Location: Vancouver, BC

Bio: Hi! I am Tilley! If you close your mouth and hum “I am Tilley”, that’s how I talk. I live in a small apartment in the beautiful city of Vancouver. I live with my sister Flo, my Mommy and my Daddy. I was born in Squamish, BC (that’s near Whistler – the ski place). My first family gave Flo and I away when we were two years old because the little boy was allergic to us.  I remember the little boy because when I hear our neighbour’s child making child noises I run to the door – so does Flo. We were at the shelter for three weeks before we were adopted. Mommy saw Flo’s picture on their website and drove with Daddy for two hours to come and adopt her. When Mommy and Daddy came to the shelter I greeted them at the door then went and drank from the toilet (I don’t do that anymore). Daddy hung out with me and the shelter ladies while Mommy looked for Flo. When she came back with Flo I was showing off and giving Daddy lovings. The shelter ladies told them we were sisters. Well, can you imagine taking my sister away from me? Me neither! We both came home with Mommy and Daddy on February 2nd 2003. We all lived in a bachelor apartment with for the first couple years – it was cramped! We now live two floors up in a bigger place where Flo and I kind of have our own rooms. I have a Grandma and Grandpa – we’re their GrandKits. We don’t see them often as they live far away. I hear my Mommy and Daddy call me Therapy Cat sometimes and say things like ‘You can count on Tilley.’ I don’t know what that means but I know we sure love each other.

Hobbies: I’m very energetic! I love climbing curtains, climbing windows, climbing the closet, bullying my sis Flo, bouncing off walls, catching monsters, attacking shadows, high jump, long jump, hurdles, biting my nails, grooming, grooming, grooming and more grooming – oh, and following Mommy everywhere!

Favorite Foods: I used to be a finicky eater but now I enjoy tuna, halibut, shrimp,  crab, yogurt, Techni-Cal, and Temptations.  I don’t like salmon at all – yuck. Is cat grass a food? I LOVE that stuff.

Likes: LOVINGS! Which includes, but is not limited to, head butts, purring, kneading, licking, lap sleeping, eye kisses, piggy backs, and snuggling. Don’t think you’re going to sit down and enjoy a meal without me on your lap. I like to test the temperature of the food you’re eating and then leave a few strands of fur in it. I enjoy laying on the computer keyboard, laying on open magazines preferably while they’re being read, and stealing Flo’s bed. I LOVE watching the birdies! I also enjoy singing at night, as loud as I can! Everyone LOVES it when I do that! Oh, and I love greeting Mommy and Daddy at the door when they come home.  Wait! I also LOVE whistling! I love it when Mommy whistles,  ‘How much is that doggy in the window?’, ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘That’s Amore’ – I love, love, love it! Oh – and I love doing the laundry and making the bed! I love a lot of things. I’m a happy hyper cat! Some may say that I’m high maintenance but I’m not, I love you, that’s all! *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pur*

Dislikes: plastic bags. I climbed in one once and tried to climb out through the hole in the handle. My back end got stuck in there and the bag started chasing me! I ran around the house terrified. It was right behind me making a terrible noise! The faster I ran the bigger the bag got! I used to be afraid of the toaster – not anymore.  Sudden loud noises, sudden movements, the pots and pans noise and smelly lotions – those have got to go. Oh, and I don’t like to be held. No way.

Biggest Fear: That’s a tough one. I did get locked in the underwear drawer all day. That was quite scary. Oh, I know – the water! I was sitting on the edge of the tub once hanging out with Mommy while she had a bath and she thought it would be fun to pick me up – while she was in all that water. OMC! OMC! OMC! Don’t EVER let them do that!

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Follow Tilley on twitter at @IamTilley. We also recommend her sister, @FloTheCat.


  1. awww —-> I love you Tilley! *nosetap*

  2. Tilley is SO beautiful! It is nice to see her again! Hey Til, I don’t like it when plastic bags chase me around, either!! 😉