#pawpawty Treats

We won a prize at @RomeoTheCat’s #pawpawty celebrating @BrewskieButt’s birthday. It was donated by @flicka47, who also generously donated treats to @KittenRescue. We were super excited when such a great smelling box arrived at the door. @MisterPeabody picked it up and brought it inside.

Here are some photos of us opening the box and enjoying our treats!

Opening the Box:

Checking out what’s inside:

Sniffing the yummy smells:

Waiting patiently for treats:

Eating Treats:

(@MisterPeabody refused to cooperate with photographer during treat feeding time.)

Those were yummy! Waiting for another one:

(notice chunks of treat in @MisterPeabody’s jowls)

And the best part – playing with the box 🙂

Thanks @flicka47!


  1. Rich & Lisa says:

    You are all adorable! Go Mister Peabody and get that box – you’re so sweet bringing in the mail and then making sure the mail is in a million pieces for easy disposal of the box.

  2. flicka47 says:

    I am so glad that you liked them & enjoyed them SOOoo much(box included!)!