#FollowFriday: @LaineysPawtique

Real Name: Lainey

Breed(s):   Puggle

Approx Age:  3 years old

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Hobbies:  SNIFFEN, Napping, Sunning, Loving my mommy!  COOKIE TASTING!!!!!

Favorite Foods:  ANYTHING you give me or I can STEAL!!!!  Specially Chicken & Bacon :0)

Bio:   Well Mommy was visiting grandpa and little did she know I was waiting for her ….anyways she said that she never wanted a little dog as she had always had BIG doggies than she saw my breed “PUGGLE” and said AWWWWW…Okay, so she is at grandpas they stop on the way home to look at some fish….then she saw ME!!! Mommy couldnt have anymore babies so she told daddy she had to buy her “late in life four legged baby” soooooo here I am….she says she couldnt love me more if she gave birth to me herself!!! I know my cousins and aunts and uncles DONT understand our bond….but mommy and me doooooo. Mommy’s favorite thing that I do besides snuggle and kiss and love her is my HOWL from the beagle…..it makes her laugh and laugh….and than she says something about if I had thumbs we would ALL be in trouble I dont know what it means……..

Likes:   Naps, sleeping, naps, eating, naps, playing catch outside, naps, watching mommy make cookies, did I say NAPS??  Okay okay…..*mommy is nudging me*  FINE.  MY sister Chloe! There I said it. HMMMFFF.

Dislikes:   People who dont love me as much as my mommy!!! or dont feed me what they are eating…I need a taste toooo

Biggest Fear:  That ONE of those times Mommy leaves she WONT come back home to ME!!!  YIKES   *shaking*

Recommends you follow:  Oh where to start? I have sooo many:  @sylviedog @health4uandpets @Ri_guy @LouPeb @PetietheCat @buddythepuggy @BabyPatches @Dreamworthy … I HATE having to choose a FEW when I have the BEST FOLLWERS and would like to RECOMMEND everyone!!

And for those who didn’t know, Lainey has a sister! Meet Chloe:

Real Name: Chloe

Breed: Lab

Approx age: I just turned 9

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Hobbies: JOB- I “Walk the Mile” everynight to make sure the backyard is safe for my Family!!!  Playing Ball. I LOVE balls.

Favorite Foods: Hmmm. I LOVE everything!

Bio:  Mommy didnt think I would make it to my 2nd birthday as I ATE : Christmas light bulbs 8 packs, mommy’s Christmas bunny family, YEP the WHOLE family- Mom,Dad,sister,brother and EVEN Grandma!, cans of pop, things like that…  They would call me Satan’s Child I DONT know why JUST LOOK at me!!!! I just became the “head of the Household Anipal”  Its okay.  I have to put up with that Rat….Oops did I type that outloud!!  I meant to say LOVE my sister Lainey *there Mommy are YOU Happy* shhhh, dont tell anyone but I do REALLY like playing with my sister.

Likes: hmmm. Balls – the petsmart tied dyed ones….I have like about 5 of them and they go where I go! Sleeping with daddy til mommy comes to bed…than I have to get out. HOW RUDE!!

Dislikes: Coming when I DONT want to!!  SHARING my bed and thats about it!!  I am MUCH more easy going now that I am older!!

Biggest Fear: That I will go to bed one night and MY BED WILL BE GONE. OMD!!!!!

Recommendations: WELL since Mommy JUST started me a page I dont really know yet….I would have to say the same as Lainey.

Follow Lainey on Twitter at @LaineysPawtique and Chloe at @BigSisChloe.


  1. Yay for Lainey & Chloe!!!!!!
    Chloe, you ate light bulbs????
    Cookie tasting rocks!!!!!!!!!

    Lou & Pebbles

  2. purplebear says:

    Lainey & Chloe are two awfully cute doggies:):)
    Think Mommy loves you waaaaay too much to ever leave and not come back home to you, so you don’t have to worry.

  3. Jessica P says:

    Very cool Lainey- glad I know a super star like you!!!

  4. SylvieDog says:

    It’s the cookie fairy doggies! I love Lainey & Chloe, and their mama. Great profiles!

  5. Raven, Thor and Rio says:

    Thanks my Lainey baby for the shout out – I loves you so much xoxoxox Rio!! We love the pic of Chloe where she ripped up everything. Hoooowwwwlllll!!