Pawtying for Rescue


Animals using Twitter to connect, build community and help other animals in need

(Canton, OH) – April 3, 2009 – On Sunday, April 5, 2009 hundreds of pets will be leveraging Twitter, the hottest technology, to virtually celebrate a friend’s birthday, whoop it up with their pals, win prizes and raise money for charity.

The Twitter community’s second “pawpawty” is in honor of popular Twitter cat, @brewskiebutt, who turned five on April 1. The party is hosted by six pets (and their human “staff”) from across the globe, who only know each other through Twitter. The first pawpawty, held on St. Patrick’s Day, was so successful that the organizers thought Brew’s birthday would be a great reason to do it again.

Twitter, for those unfamiliar with the application, is a free mircoblogging platform that allows users to communicate through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to the question, “What are you doing?” Users “follow” others to receive their “tweets” (updates on what they’re doing).

Media outlets across the globe have printed numerous stories about the phenomenon of Twitter, which has become a popular social networking venue for millions of people. Twitter’s immediacy of instant messaging connected to the opportunity to meet and connect with persons around the world, has enhanced its popularity. Entire subcultures have developed around similar interests and marketing opportunities on Twitter.

One such subculture is a community of pets and other animals who take to cyberspace to communicate amongst themselves about a variety of animal related issues. It is a very positive and supportive group that chronicles the lives of pets and is dedicated to making the world a better place for animals. They have “pawpawties” or virtual meet-ups where they frolic and play, hold contests, and enjoy the company of their “anipals”.

The pawpawty is not just about fun and games, however. The event will also raise funds for Romeo the Cat’s (@romeothecat) monthly FURPOWER Donation Challenge, which raises money for a new animal rescue organization each month. More information about the program is available at

So how exactly does a party on Twitter work? Those participating in the pawpawty end their tweets with “#pawpawty.” Partiers can then follow all of the Twitter comments designated with #pawpawty using Twitter search functionality or by following this link:

The #pawpawty will run for 24 hours, from 2 p.m. EDT Sunday April 5 to 2 p.m. EDT Monday, April 6, giving animals all over the world a chance to participate. The organizers have collected more than 50 “door prizes” that they’ll be giving away throughout the party.

“The community on Twitter is amazing,” said Brew’s “staff,” Vicki Boatright, of Canton, Ohio. “There will be literally hundreds of pets at the pawty, having fun and raising money for charity. We’re overwhelmed by the response this event has generated.”

Each #pawpawty has a VIRTUAL LOCATION at which the animals gather. Since the real Brewskie Butt (known as the Brew) lives in the trendy Canton Arts District, his neighborhood has been chosen as the VIRTUAL LOCATION of his Birthday Paw Pawty. His staff Vicki Boatright’s website, will be redesigned as a gateway to the Canton Arts District in order to introduce the world to the Brew’s community.

Interested twitterers should follow organizers: @brewskiebutt, @emmythecat, @romeothecat, @duke_richard_II, @oscarthecat and @frugaldougal for ongoing details or visit