My Collection of Heads

Many of you may not know I’m a bit of a collector. In addition to collecting sticks, leaves and bones, I keep a nice collection of heads and miscellaneous body parts. I am quite proud of my collection, as plenty of hard work and play was involved in the removing and de-stuffing of these items. I was pretty upset when my person gathered up all of my heads for this photo shoot, but she gave them all back in the same tattered condition she found them in so all is right in Mister Peabody’s world.

The Heads
Here are my heads. As you can see, I’ve managed to collect a variety of sizes and species. Teddy was my most recent addition and is also my favorite. His head is perfectly ball-shaped and I love playing fetch with him. We’re not sure what happened to the other body parts that were attached to these heads at one point, but my cousin, Bella, is a suspect in their disappearance.

The Miscellaneous Remains
These body parts are the left-overs. We’re not sure what happened to the heads that match many of these, and they may never be found. The 1/2 chicken is my favorite from this pile. The legs are stretchy like a rubber band so it’s fun to step on one leg with my paw, then pull on the other with my teeth and watch it snap. I also like carrying the antler around. Makes me feel manly.

Thanks for checking out my collection!
~ @MisterPeabody

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  1. BOL! Nice collection! I only have a few heads myself since i get tired easily. That chicken looks very much like mine!
    oh *high paw*

  2. Thanks Lou! It IS a lot of work pulling stuffies apart while keeping the heads intact.

  3. Well, I am so jealous. When my mom sees that I’ve pulled the stuffing out of the animals, she THROWS THEM AWAY. The most frustrating thing is that the stupid garbage can has a darn lid on it and I can’t get them out!!! But, I’m working on it 😉