Mowgli’s 9th Birthday

Today is my birthday! I’m 9 which is pretty old for a great dane. We celebrated by playing in the pool, eating lots of carrots and of course, birthday cake!

My cake had scooby-doo sprinkles all over it.  At first I wasn’t sure it really was OK to eat off the kitchen table. Usually I’m not supposed to, but today is special:

Peabody got in a good lick:

It only took two bites to eat it all:

I shared the crumbs with Peabody and Harley:

Don’t worry – we all got our own piece after that, so technically I got two! Birthdays rock.

~Mowgli (@the_dogs )


  1. Happy Birthday Mowgli!!!! The cake looks goooooooood!
    Love the pics! My fav is second one, of course! heheh

  2. Heehee. Yeah, that little stinker had to lick MY piece. He couldn’t wait for his own 🙂

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  3. SylvieDog says:

    Happy birthday, Mowgli! Good work getting 2 pieces of cake – you sure are a smart pup!