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Lou & Pebbles
Twitter: @LouPeb

Lou: I’m probably German shepherd/Lab/Chow/Rhodesian Ridgeback/?
Pebbles: Pekingese/Unknown
Dad says we’re heinz57.

Approx Age
Lou: I turned 7 this year.
Pebbles: Between 10 and 13

Surprise, AZ

Lou: Chasing lizards, Chasing rabbits, Napping, Watching birds, Barking at people, Driving mom’s car (I got driver’s license!)
Pebbles: Eating, Sleeping, Getting in my way on walkies, barking at nothing, jumping at any noise.

Favorite Foods
Lou: I am a picky eater. But my all time favorite dessert is yogurt drops. Can’t live without them!
Pebbles: Likes anything meat. She loves peanut butter. Not good at chewing since she’s missing 9 teeth.

Bio, Goals
Lou: I’m from a local shelter called ‘Noah’s Ark’. I picked my mom & dad at a Petco adoption event, stepping on other pups mercilessly when I saw them. I was only 4 1/2 months then.

I refuse to eat unless mom spoonfeeds me. Yep. You heard me right. Oh I eat Little Champions without spoon but only after some tentative finger licking.  I wish I was Underdog so I can beat the poop out of those bad humans who abuse animals and save those poor animals. And I want world peace.

Pebbles: Mom read about how hard it was for senior dogs at the shelters to find a home and wanted to adopt one. One Sunday 3 years ago we went to AAWL (Arizona Animal Welfare League) and adopted Pebbles. She had Hypothyroid but otherwise very healthy.

Pebbles doesn’t think too much about anything but food and kissing mommy. All day long.


Lou: I am a mama’s boy. I need mama all the time. I like daddy too when he brings pizza or some other good smelling stuff. I like my soft squeaky toys, bellyrubs, getting brushed, car rides, going to parks and swimming.
Pebbles: Loves walkies! She goes crazy everytime mom puts the harness on her. When she’s not asleep she’s kissing mom.

Lou: I hate vacuum cleaner! I used to try to fight with it but now I just stay away. Not a big fan of small humans, especially when they run screaming.  I don’t like bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, UPS & FedEx guys and trucks.
Pebbles: Hates vacuum cleaner too. Anything that makes noises.

Biggest Fear
Lou: Chihuahuas
Pebbles: Animal Hospital

Recommends the Following Dogs (and cats) Who Twitter:
Lou: I recommend @BrewkieButt @OscarTheCat @LouLouPants @SadieShihtzu @SylvieDog @Fergusthedog I can go on forever…. they’re all pawsome!
Pebbles recommends @MugsyDog. Go figure. The pawpawty…

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  1. Patti Best says:

    @LouPeb I am so happy for you and glad you are my friend too.


  2. Rich & Lisa says:

    Lou & Peb you are adorable Arizonian puppies! Our Raven is from the Apache Junction shelter – someone left her in the desert with her sister. Glad to see you’re driving with a license – watch out for those speed cameras – don’t want to get your picture taken there!

    Woofs & Sloppy Kisses….your friends at Health4UandPets

  3. Thanks for nice comments guys! I’d like to thank @misterpeabody and @the_dogs again for featuring us on dogswhotwitter. You guys rock. *nose kiss*

  4. SylvieDog says:

    What a great profile of Lou & Pebbles! I had no idea we had so much in common, Lou. No wonder we’re such good pals.

  5. JanetCarleton says:

    Lou Peb and Pebbles so glad to see you featured here! And I laughed out loud several times reading your wonderful stories. <3

  6. Fergusthedog says:

    Love your story and nice to see the pictures, especially of Pebbles. We don’t see her so much on Twitter. Glad you’re my friends guys. Thanks for recommending me, Lou. Happy tail wags.

  7. Brewskie Butt says:

    You guys are the best, Lou and Pebbles, my two smiling friends!

    The Brew

  8. Lainey says:

    I JUST KNEW you were a mix of Shepherd and Lab!! I am GLAD that Mommy likes older doggies…what would you do with out her Lou?? XO lainey