#FollowFriday: @LilyPup

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Real Name: Lily

Twitter: @LilyPup

Breed(s): Lord knows, I is just a cute Mutt. My fur mom has long black fur and short legs, and they say my dad is a Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen, they also has short legs. My siblings all has long black fur, some has a little brown. So why do I look like mini-long-legged yellow lab, I dunno. (I’s only 30 pounds.)

Approx Age: Almost 1 1/2 years old, DOB 11/22/07

Location: Portland, Oregon

Hobbies: Playing with or chewing my toys. Playing with my boy. Trying to play with my cat Oliver. Standing like a meerkat looking out windows. Patrolling my backyard for critters; mostly squirrels and a lil black kitty. (Last night it smelled like skunk outside so mom called me in real quick.) Giving puppy kisses. Counter surfing and begging for food. Barking. Cuddling. Sleeping. Oh and Twittering of course.

Favorite Foods: Cheese, carrots, sugar snap peas, cheese, almonds, cheese, puppy treats, Cheese Its…did I mention CHEESE?

Bio: I’s kinda a rescue dog I guess. My fur mom and dad were turned into All Breed Rescue in Aloha, Oregon. My fur mom delivered us at the rescue and some nice ladies took care of all of us. Then they listed us on petfinder where my two-legged mom found me. Mom wanted a corgi and the ad said I was a corgi mix. Ha, did my long legs ever surprise her. Is okay cuz my two-legged mom didn’t think my fur mom looked anything like a corgi. My family fell in love with me at @Petco and that’s how I found my forever home. I live with my mom and my 10 year old boy. I have an older girl and boy who come visit me too.

Likes: My people and dog friends, co-piloting the car, doing stuff for treats, walks, playing with water especially from the hose, sleeping next to mom, cheese, toys, licking, feet and things that go on feet (they good for licking), bullysticks, cheese.

Follow Lily on Twitter at @LilyPup!

My Collection of Heads, Part 2: Damaged but Still Mostly Intact

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These little fur balls are on their way to becoming a part of my collection of heads. It’s tough to find heads without bodies in the stores, so I have to make my own. Sometimes this process takes years and other times merely minutes. Let’s take a closer look at my future Heads:

Squirrely: My person just wants to put a band-aid on the squirrel. She’s been through a lot and her stuffing is popping out all over the place. It won’t be long before she joins the Heads collection.
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My Collection of Heads

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Many of you may not know I’m a bit of a collector. In addition to collecting sticks, leaves and bones, I keep a nice collection of heads and miscellaneous body parts. I am quite proud of my collection, as plenty of hard work and play was involved in the removing and de-stuffing of these items. I was pretty upset when my person gathered up all of my heads for this photo shoot, but she gave them all back in the same tattered condition she found them in so all is right in Mister Peabody’s world.

The Heads
Here are my heads. As you can see, I’ve managed to collect a variety of sizes and species. Teddy was my most recent addition and is also my favorite. His head is perfectly ball-shaped and I love playing fetch with him. We’re not sure what happened to the other body parts that were attached to these heads at one point, but my cousin, Bella, is a suspect in their disappearance.

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Mowgli’s 9th Birthday

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Today is my birthday! I’m 9 which is pretty old for a great dane. We celebrated by playing in the pool, eating lots of carrots and of course, birthday cake!

My cake had scooby-doo sprinkles all over it.  At first I wasn’t sure it really was OK to eat off the kitchen table. Usually I’m not supposed to, but today is special:

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Another Great #PawPawty

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@SylvieDog organized a great #pawpawty at #pussycatisland. Pets arrived in beach atire and partied for a full 24 hours. Participants had a great time and over $1000 was raised for Orphans of the Storm rescue. Way to go @SylvieDog!

I jumping in for a little skinny dip, but wasn’t able to pawty long due to human-work intervention. It looks like stragglers are still hanging out at the Tiki Bar drinking barktinis, so head on over to TweetGrid and join the pawty.  Add hashtag #pussycatisland to your tweets.

#FollowFriday: @FergusTheDog

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Real Name: Fergus

Breed(s): Not really sure. Mum says part shepherd, mostly mutt.  Everyone has an opinion on what’s in me, - husky, chow, Leonberger (my friends at Dog Den came up with that because I look like a small, short haired version).  I’m a great conversation piece.

Approx Age: 20-22 months

Location: Madison, WI

Hobbies: Running, playing with my friends at Dog Den, Anything to do with sprinklers, including Sprinkler hockey and gardening (makes more sense if you’ve seen my YouTube videos), playing with my kids, and talking to my anipals on Twitter, of course.

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti (it’s one of the few things I’ll actually do tricks for!), Pupperoni, and Arthur the cat’s dinner if I can get to it when he’s not looking!

Bio: We don’t know too much about my early puppy days. At some point, I ended up in the Mercer County Humane Society in Kentucky but they ran out of space before I found a home. Fortunately for me, a rescue organization in Cazenovia, Wisconsin, came to Kentucky and brought me and 14 other dogs back to Wisconsin to find homes, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to tell my story.  My family adopted me from the Dane County Humane Society on April 7th 2008 after I’d been there a week. The vet said I was between 8 and 10 months when I was adopted.  Mum says I was meant to be part of our family and that’s why things worked out the way they did.  In the shelter I was called Wiggles because I’m king of the full body wag but my family changed it to Fergus which I really like as it suits me.  One of the meanings of Fergus is “first choice” and another is “manly” so it seemed appropriate.

Likes: Rawhides, Sprinklers, cuddling with mum.

Dislikes: Baths, Boxers (not sure why).

Biggest Fear: I shouldn’t really admit this but I don’t like the dark.

Follow Fergus on Twitter at @FergusTheDog

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Bo, the New White House Dog

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Everyone’s blogging about the new White House dog, Bo (aka Bo Obama, Bobama, Amigo’s New Hope) so we decided that since we’re blogging dogs, we probably should too. We’re excited for Shasha & Malia - we think every kid should have a dog, so congrats!

Bo is a cutie. According to the AKC, Portuguese Water Dogs are an intelligent, athletic, active breed requiring daily vigorous exercise. It’s a good thing Bo has plenty of long hallways to run in along with that big grassy yard!
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#FollowFriday: @LouPeb

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Lou & Pebbles
Twitter: @LouPeb

Lou: I’m probably German shepherd/Lab/Chow/Rhodesian Ridgeback/?
Pebbles: Pekingese/Unknown
Dad says we’re heinz57.

Approx Age
Lou: I turned 7 this year.
Pebbles: Between 10 and 13

Surprise, AZ

Lou: Chasing lizards, Chasing rabbits, Napping, Watching birds, Barking at people, Driving mom’s car (I got driver’s license!)
Pebbles: Eating, Sleeping, Getting in my way on walkies, barking at nothing, jumping at any noise.

Favorite Foods
Lou: I am a picky eater. But my all time favorite dessert is yogurt drops. Can’t live without them!
Pebbles: Likes anything meat. She loves peanut butter. Not good at chewing since she’s missing 9 teeth.

Bio, Goals
Lou: I’m from a local shelter called ‘Noah’s Ark’. I picked my mom & dad at a Petco adoption event, stepping on other pups mercilessly when I saw them. I was only 4 1/2 months then.

I refuse to eat unless mom spoonfeeds me. Yep. You heard me right. Oh I eat Little Champions without spoon but only after some tentative finger licking.  I wish I was Underdog so I can beat the poop out of those bad humans who abuse animals and save those poor animals. And I want world peace.

Pebbles: Mom read about how hard it was for senior dogs at the shelters to find a home and wanted to adopt one. One Sunday 3 years ago we went to AAWL (Arizona Animal Welfare League) and adopted Pebbles. She had Hypothyroid but otherwise very healthy.

Pebbles doesn’t think too much about anything but food and kissing mommy. All day long.


Lou: I am a mama’s boy. I need mama all the time. I like daddy too when he brings pizza or some other good smelling stuff. I like my soft squeaky toys, bellyrubs, getting brushed, car rides, going to parks and swimming.
Pebbles: Loves walkies! She goes crazy everytime mom puts the harness on her. When she’s not asleep she’s kissing mom.

Lou: I hate vacuum cleaner! I used to try to fight with it but now I just stay away. Not a big fan of small humans, especially when they run screaming.  I don’t like bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, UPS & FedEx guys and trucks.
Pebbles: Hates vacuum cleaner too. Anything that makes noises.

Biggest Fear
Lou: Chihuahuas
Pebbles: Animal Hospital

Recommends the Following Dogs (and cats) Who Twitter:
Lou: I recommend @BrewkieButt @OscarTheCat @LouLouPants @SadieShihtzu @SylvieDog @Fergusthedog I can go on forever…. they’re all pawsome!
Pebbles recommends @MugsyDog. Go figure. The pawpawty…

Follow Lou and Pebbles on Twitter at @LouPeb

#Pawpawty Success

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Thanks to all of the organizers, sponsors and everyone who participated in @BrewskieButt’s #pawpawty on Sunday along with @RomeoTheCat’s Furpower $1 Donation Challenge, $1216.00 has been raised for @KittenRescue as of today! Way to go everyone. We need to save those kitties so we have someone to chase around and bark at :)

~ The Dogs

House of Puddles

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House of Puddles (HOP) is a final refuge for homeless senior basset hounds. We are a 501(c)(3) charity.  Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, comfortable home for unwanted, unadoptable bassets who would otherwise be euthanized because they have no place else to go.  We care for the senior bassets for the rest of their lives, providing for all their needs, including veterinary care, medications, food, nutritional supplements, grooming and any other special needs they might have. 

All the senior bassets (and one neurotic middle-aged coonhound) live in the home with Marilyn Brazzle, HOP founder, just like any well-loved pet.  They sleep on her bed, on the couch, or anywhere else they feel comfortable.  They have free access to a large, fenced in yard via their own doggie door.  There are no kennels. 
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