Stranger Danger Alert

I attempted to alert my people when a stranger showed up in the yard today. He let himself in through the gates like he owned the place. He was carrying this big noisy machine and started attacking my bushes with it. He hacked them to pieces. Literally. There were leaves and sticks everywhere.

I’m not sure why my people just stood by and did nothing as this stranger loaded my sticks and leaves into a big black bag. He proceeded to toss the bag over his shoulder like Santa with a bag of toys and walked right back out through the gates. All I could do was watch from the window as my stuff was hauled away and I have’t seen my sticks or leaves since. On top of that, I have to go out and re-mark the entire yard now and there’s hardly anything left for me to pee on. @pappup has already alerted her neighborhood to be on the lookout for the Landscape Burglar – watch out for him pups, and let me know if you see my sticks and leaves.


P.S. – Thanks for the tweets of encouragement @PetParentAuthor and @Dixie_Belle