#FollowFriday: @mozartdane

Name: Mozart

Breed: Great Dane

Approx. Age: 4 1/2

Location: Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, Bethel, Ohio (outside of Cincinnati)

Hobbies: Having attention lavished on me by adoring fans. I am a famous artist. I paint with my paws.

Favorite Foods: Cheese cubes and cheeseburgers.

Goals: To raise funds for the Rescue and raise awareness of the puppymill/petstore connection. Sales of my artwork help support the homeless dogs at the Rescue.

Likes: Painting, leaning on humans, and cheese cubes (I know it’s here 2x, but that’s how much I like them)

Dislikes: Cameras and camcorders. Everyone wants to see me paint but I can detect any camera and I go on strike! I also scrinch up my face and look away.

Biggest Fear: Floors. I’m a puppymill survivor and didn’t know what life was like outside a cage. I never learned to walk on a real floor until I was almost grown up.

Follow Mozart on twitter at @mozartdane and check out his website at hhdane.org/mozart. Paintings like the one above are available on the site and all proceeds benefit the Rescue dogs.

Mozart recommends the following dogs who twitter for #followfriday:

  • @BrunoTheDog because he was one of my very first pals online and he
    has such a sweet personality.
  • @misterpeabody because he is BIG like me–wait he’s bigger than
    me–and he’s a great and sensible pal.
  • @Johannthedog because he’s very very busy with agility and his Green
    blog, and many other things (he makes me feel tired!).
  • @SylvieDog because she is a coon hound, but doesn’t let that rule all
    she does and she’s a caring and supportive friend.

AND all of the above pooches support Rescue!


  1. Mister Peabody says:

    Awe, thanks for the #followfriday love Mozart. You’re one of my favorite great dane pals.

  2. SylvieDog says:

    This is a really lovely profile of you, Mozart! And thanks for the #followfriday recommendation. You’re one of the most caring dogs out there.