Does this fur make me look fat?

The weather is warming up here in Phoenix. I love spring – it’s my favorite season. It looks like it’s time to shed my winter coat. I’m thinking about going with short black fur again; shiny black with a little silver-gray mixed in. After all, I will be nine next month.

The upside to the black coat is that black is supposed to be slimming. When I was at my vet’s office a couple of months ago, he told my person I could probably get by with less cookies and treats to help me drop about 5 pounds.  I just stood there with my mouth open trying to scream “No! give me MORE cookies,” but all that would come out was drool. It may have had something to do with the jar of cookies I was admiring on his countertop. Any-whoo, I’ll be shedding my winter fur for the next few weeks if anyone is interested in collecting it to knit a sweater or some socks. Watch for new pics of me in my slimming black spring fur on my website.