#FollowFriday: @mozartdane

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Name: Mozart

Breed: Great Dane

Approx. Age: 4 1/2

Location: Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, Bethel, Ohio (outside of Cincinnati)

Hobbies: Having attention lavished on me by adoring fans. I am a famous artist. I paint with my paws.

Favorite Foods: Cheese cubes and cheeseburgers.

Goals: To raise funds for the Rescue and raise awareness of the puppymill/petstore connection. Sales of my artwork help support the homeless dogs at the Rescue.

Likes: Painting, leaning on humans, and cheese cubes (I know it’s here 2x, but that’s how much I like them)

Dislikes: Cameras and camcorders. Everyone wants to see me paint but I can detect any camera and I go on strike! I also scrinch up my face and look away.

Biggest Fear: Floors. I’m a puppymill survivor and didn’t know what life was like outside a cage. I never learned to walk on a real floor until I was almost grown up.

Follow Mozart on twitter at @mozartdane and check out his website at hhdane.org/mozart. Paintings like the one above are available on the site and all proceeds benefit the Rescue dogs.

Mozart recommends the following dogs who twitter for #followfriday:

  • @BrunoTheDog because he was one of my very first pals online and he
    has such a sweet personality.
  • @misterpeabody because he is BIG like me–wait he’s bigger than
    me–and he’s a great and sensible pal.
  • @Johannthedog because he’s very very busy with agility and his Green
    blog, and many other things (he makes me feel tired!).
  • @SylvieDog because she is a coon hound, but doesn’t let that rule all
    she does and she’s a caring and supportive friend.

AND all of the above pooches support Rescue!

Does this fur make me look fat?

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The weather is warming up here in Phoenix. I love spring - it’s my favorite season. It looks like it’s time to shed my winter coat. I’m thinking about going with short black fur again; shiny black with a little silver-gray mixed in. After all, I will be nine next month.

The upside to the black coat is that black is supposed to be slimming. When I was at my vet’s office a couple of months ago, he told my person I could probably get by with less cookies and treats to help me drop about 5 pounds.  I just stood there with my mouth open trying to scream “No! give me MORE cookies,” but all that would come out was drool. It may have had something to do with the jar of cookies I was admiring on his countertop. Any-whoo, I’ll be shedding my winter fur for the next few weeks if anyone is interested in collecting it to knit a sweater or some socks. Watch for new pics of me in my slimming black spring fur on my website.


Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue

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Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue is a no kill all-volunteer-run shelter dedicated to saving and placing abused, abandoned, and neglected Great Danes in suitable, loving, and forever homes in Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana. HHGDR has Great Danes, Saint Bernards, as well as other purebreds and mixed breeds, available for adoption to approved homes.

Visit www.hhdane.org for more information about this rescue organization and to view information and photos of adoptable Great Danes.

Follow Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue at @mozartdane on Twitter.

Stranger Danger Alert

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I attempted to alert my people when a stranger showed up in the yard today. He let himself in through the gates like he owned the place. He was carrying this big noisy machine and started attacking my bushes with it. He hacked them to pieces. Literally. There were leaves and sticks everywhere.

I’m not sure why my people just stood by and did nothing as this stranger loaded my sticks and leaves into a big black bag. He proceeded to toss the bag over his shoulder like Santa with a bag of toys and walked right back out through the gates. All I could do was watch from the window as my stuff was hauled away and I have’t seen my sticks or leaves since. On top of that, I have to go out and re-mark the entire yard now and there’s hardly anything left for me to pee on. @pappup has already alerted her neighborhood to be on the lookout for the Landscape Burglar - watch out for him pups, and let me know if you see my sticks and leaves.


P.S. - Thanks for the tweets of encouragement @PetParentAuthor and @Dixie_Belle

Welcome to Our New Blog

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Thanks for visiting our new blog! Let’s start with some thanks:

  • Thanks to @OscarTheCat for the inspiration. The dogs were a little jealous of your ‘cats only’ Cats Who Twitter blog and we just had to have one of our own.
  • Thanks to @mozartdane for the inspiration as well. We’re looking forward to helping some of your rescued great danes find homes!
  • Thanks to all the tweepets that have compiled lists of tweeting dogs and cats! You can find links to them in our blogroll to the right.

Mowgli, Harley and I are looking forward to blogging about all things twitter. If you’re interested in being a featured Adoptable Dog or if you’d like to nominate a dog for our #followfriday section, just Contact Us. We’re also looking for guest bloggers, so if you’d like to write for DogsWhoTwitter.com, let us know!


Coming Soon

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Information on adoptable dogs will be coming soon. If you are a rescue organization or shelter that tweets, let us know if you’d like to have your available pets featured here on DogsWhoTwitter.com!