My blog is a mess.

It’s been SO LONG since I’ve updated my blog, my web hosting company just sent me an e-mail letting me know it was going to stop working when they update to the new version of php this weekend. Fabulous. I’d planned on spending the day napping and playing with my squeaky ball, but it looks like I’ll be working on updating watching my person update my blog instead.


Let’s begin: Install WordPress update.

Old theme stops working.

Big sigh.

Install new theme.

Images are missing now.

Another big sigh.

So that’s where we’re at. My blog is a mess. My squeaky ball is neglected. My person is cranky, and I really need a nap.

I love getting new toys.

Santa brought me an early Christmas present today! I just love getting new toys. I don't usually get toys with stuffing in them anymore, so this one is especially cool. It has a smooshy, squeaky, stuffy part, a rope, and a tennis ball on the end. … [Continue reading]

Goodbye Mowgli.

It's been a few months since we've checked in, and once again it's sad news that's kept us from updating and catching up with our friends. Mowgli passed away on August 25,2010.  He was a very special dog and is greatly missed. We love you, Wuppy. … [Continue reading]

Where We’ve Been

Hey everyone. It's been forever since we've tweeted or updated our blog - we've missed you guys. It's been a rough few months for us as Harley passed away on May 5th. We've all been pretty depressed, and the person who types for us just wasn't able … [Continue reading]

Game On

Anyone wanna play? Mowgli did! So here we are tugging: ...and tugging... ...and tugging some more... ...still tugging... OK Mowgli, you can win. This game looks like it's better suited for my intellectual level: I can pick my own … [Continue reading]

#FollowFriday: @Health4UandPets

Real Names: Raven, Rio and Thor We live with a whole house full of anipals! There is Ash the cockatiel, Scrabble the parakeet, 22 box turtles, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, 2 veiled chameleons, 3 corn snakes, mali uromastyx, chickens, ducks, … [Continue reading]

Carving Our Pumpkins

We got these things called "pumpkins" today. At first, I wasn't sure what this thing was. Mowgli and Harley didn't really seem too interested in it, but I sure was. I gave it a good lick and it kind of tasted like food: Then I found out it rolls … [Continue reading]

Tennis Balls

We got a fresh new pack of tennis balls today. The container makes a popping sound when it opens, and it is SO MUCH FUN to play with. This is the tube my tennis balls come in: It's hard work getting them out of there. (She took out Mowgli & … [Continue reading]

My Pack

Our person says it's really hard to get all three of us looking good in a picture together. It took some work and lots of cookies, but we were able to get a couple shots: Here we are laying on the white rug that we're not supposed to lay on: We … [Continue reading]

#FollowFriday: @ShawneeShep

Real Name: Shawnee Breed(s): German Shepherd Dog (either with faulty markings or a little bit of a mix - and I say this only 'cause people always ask if I am purebred) Approx Age: 8 years Location: Central New Jersey Hobbies: Alerting mom to … [Continue reading]