Does this fur make me look fat?

The weather is warming up here in Phoenix. I love spring – it’s my favorite season. It looks like it’s time to shed my winter coat. I’m thinking about going with short black fur again; shiny black with a little silver-gray mixed in. After all, I will be nine next month. The upside to the black coat […]

Stranger Danger Alert

I attempted to alert my people when a stranger showed up in the yard today. He let himself in through the gates like he owned the place. He was carrying this big noisy machine and started attacking my bushes with it. He hacked them to pieces. Literally. There were leaves and sticks everywhere. I’m not sure why […]

Welcome to Our New Blog

Thanks for visiting our new blog! Let’s start with some thanks: Thanks to @OscarTheCat for the inspiration. The dogs were a little jealous of your ‘cats only’ Cats Who Twitter blog and we just had to have one of our own. Thanks to @mozartdane for the inspiration as well. We’re looking forward to helping some […]